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SubProject: CallStack (Debug Pourpose)

A library for automatic debug pourposes.

In case of segmentation fault, loads of information will promply appear to be read by the developer.

Variables can be fastly monitored also, each must be setup like this:
void Func(){CS;
  String strTest = "Hello";
CS macro inits the callstack object and set its pointer to another object that stores all information about 'Func()'.
CSVAstr(var) macro stores 'strTest' address that when callstack is shown, 'strTest' current value will also be shown.
CSVAHstr(funcret) hold the return value of a function at a new variable ex.:  


Obs.: For a class function member use 'CSC;' macro ex.:
void className::Func(){CSC;

Look at cCallStack.h for more info.