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[I identified that index.html is being loaded from local machine, this section only showup in this case.]
Important Notice to WebMaster!
You will need Firefox to this functionality work properly.
You must dynamically generate the file menu.html so visitors can browse your website in Plain HTML or even in text mode.
The Menu settings at WebTemCoSetup.js will still be used in javascript mode.

Before clicking the Generate button, make sure this file exists. If not, create it empty:
Make sure this path/file.html points to the same folder where this index.html is located.
Copy this path/filename to paste later.
After clicking the Generate button, a new browser window will open that file.

The HTML code will be written in the new window in plain text.

Then go at menu: "file/Save Page As..." and select "files of type: text files", and paste the full path/filename and save it.

Click here to dynamically generate menu.html (required file) HTML code

Now try to access your homepage in Plain HTML mode to verify that menu.html was created properly.

Setup User Preferences (saved on a cookie)



Menu Side (requires website reload)[{span:MenuSide}]:

Allowed to hide areas (may be none)
Top Area
Content Top Area
Content Bottom Area
Bottom Area

Other Settings
Floating Menu
Mini Menu (Floating, req. website reload)
Remember last visited relative Link (to load instead of main content homepage).

Colors Choice
Colors to Show:


These require website to be reloaded.

Debug Mode
Developer Controls